9. November 2015


I like to think that my husband and I did not panic on our wedding day. We were nervous, sure, but we did not feel like we had to have an eye on everything, like we needed to have control 24 hours of that day. This is why I'd like to tell you how we organised our wedding. And it is definitely not supposed to be the perfect foil for your wedding! It worked for us though and maybe there are some things you'd like to get inspired from...

About two months after we got engaged my now-husband and I started discussing our wedding. And let me tell you this: if you think you need to comply with traditions, conventions or listen to the (sometimes not so helpful) advice from family and friends, think again! But it is not so easy to stray from what people think a wedding has to look like…

We, too, set out with the goal to have a small wedding and some small highlights at the ceremony. However, it got bigger and bigger each time we discussed the pro and cons of inviting or not inviting some people, of having a wedding cake or not, of finding a beautiful venue.
And after a little while, the relaxed mood with which we tried to plan these things turned into exclamation marks: The most beautiful venue! The best band! The cute and vintage looking candy tables! And then came the question marks: Why do you want it like this? Why don’t you like it? Soon, we started arguing.

One day we realised if we wanted to have our wedding, we needed to start again.

So, here it is: our wedding.

Let’s start with what I like to call my personal favourite. I know you have to have everything else organised before you can send out the invitations but from the start, I knew that I would want some high quality, different wedding invitations than I had seen so far. Paper, printing and writing mean so much to me that, to be honest, I cared more for the right paperwork than for the price of my dress.
We got our invitations done by Poule Folle, a wonderful little shop in Stuttgart’s Heusteigviertel, oozing with creativity and authenticity. Its owner and soul, Céline Hermel, invents designs and manufactures printed treasures with her letterpress.

For all the other printed things we needed, like menu cards or thank you notes, we used Wir machen Druck. It’s one of the best websites to order prints, copies, calendars because they come with a good quality, the minimum quantity you have to purchase is not as high as with other services like this and it’s not too expensive.

Invitation and R.S.V.P card by Poule Folle. Thank you note by Wir-machen-Druck.de. Paper rose by loving and helpful friends and family.
I am so happy with my dress! I won’t tell you how much it cost, but it was a fracture of what most brides would pay or have to pay for the dress. Don’t think you have to put up with the ridiculous prices in bridal fashion stores (unless, of course, there’s your dream dress hanging in the shop window), scan everything from unknown shops, to fashion catalogues, to your mum’s favourite online shop. But the most important thing is: check first what you think you would like, don’t go shopping with no clue! Also, a dear friend of mine, gave me sound advice: buy the first dress you like, you will not ever come upon a dress like it afterwards – don’t wait!
I bought an extra lace bolero for the dress, in case the weather in April was still too cold for going strapless.

The Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart is a modern, white-in-white building that is most likely unlike any other library you have seen so far. The view from its highest floor (inside of the building that is) is magnificent. Once you look closer, you discover that all those little colourful stripes are books! And getting married surrounded by books was an idea that appealed to me very much…
In the evening, we had a 5-course-dinner with a cheese and whiskey platter later at night in the Feinkost Böhm Restaurant, one of the few restaurants that were food-wise and price-wise in between your favourite pizza restaurant and an award-winning cuisine. It was so yummy and the service incredible – after 8pm we had the whole restaurant to ourselves and there was simply so much to eat that we could hardly savour it all.

Catrin Balbach, owner of Einfach Blumig, did an amazing job! We asked her to create four centrepieces and one bridal bouquet with a loose mixture of wild flowers and other flowers to match our colour scheme. Not much more can be said about this ☺

I must admit, I did have some troubles with La Coupe, where I got my hair and make-up done. I didn’t think the rehearsal went so well and only three days before the wedding, the hairdresser called to say that my stylist wouldn’t be there on my wedding day, so they couldn’t do the make-up. It was the only time throughout all of the preparations that I was momentarily shocked. However, they found a solution and I remember that in the two hours before the wedding I had a lot of fun and laughed almost constantly (well, my nerves might have had something to do with this, too…). I loved the way they put up my hair!

If you’ve seen the photos - and by now you have seen some - who would want any other photographer than the highly talented Boris Loder? Have a look at his Paperswan Wedding Photography website. You’re going to want him as your wedding photographer, too!
I was lucky enough to know him from college and some pictures he took for Cindy and me when we were releasing the very first issue of our literary magazine [Lautschrift]. So it was a super extra to have someone you know and feel comfortable with around you for almost the whole day. We booked him for a couple of hours and in hindsight, we should’ve kept him the whole day ;)

Thank you Boris, for the most wonderful pictures! I can’t tell you all the praise that people seeing your pictures said, but it was a lot and the best!

A tiny advice when it comes to pictures: don’t save money when it comes to the moments, the laughter, the excitement of the day and the many many hugs, condensed in beautiful pictures you will be confronted with your whole life. You want to love looking at your wedding day pictures, even after 10, 20, 30 years. So just don’t.

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